About SpeakOut.School

SpeakOut.School (SOS) was designed and developed as a central reporting hub so anyone can anonymously report threats, or concerns regarding the safety, and/or well-being of member schools’ students, staff and or faculty. The primary goal of SOS is to assist in keeping SOS Member Schools safe. One of the ways to do that is to train students and staff, if you see or hear something, to say something. Studies have shown that students are aware of possible threats sooner than school staff are, and students are more apt to report suspicious activity, or a threat if they can anonymously report. Through an anonymous reporting/tip system anyone can report to SOS without fear of reprisal. Each school chooses the 3 administrative representatives they want to receive the alert generated by our SOS reporting system. Each of the school’s designated administrative personnel will receive the same reported threat, tip, or safety concern that was reported for their school. The designated administrative personnel will all have the same information or tip that was reported and can then determine how to handle the reported incident to their organization, law enforcement agencies, or emergency personnel.

There is 100% anonymity and confidentiality with SpeakOut.School...We Track Absolutely Nothing!

How to become a Speak Out School Member

Becoming a Speak Out School member is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just go to our website at www.speakout.school

  1. Click on “add your school” and it will take you to the log-in page where you can create a free account.
  2. You can add up to 3 school administrative staff email addresses to receive any email alerts for free.
  3. Add your school’s information.

There is a small $5.00 monthly fee for each additional staff member over the 3 free who will receive an email, and an additional $5.00 monthly fee to add the text option per school administrative staff you would like to receive a text. Once your account is created; if any anonymous report is made, each of the 3 people listed on your account will receive an email alert letting them know an anonymous SOS report has been made. If a Member School chooses to add the text feature to any staff member for a small monthly fee, in addition to the email they will also receive a text. The responsibility to keep all email addresses and cell phone #’s up to date is the sole responsibility of each Member School’s administration.

This invaluable anonymous reporting system can harness the power of everyone, and provide you with an all-in-one location that will immediately alert you when a report is made, so you have the ability to possibly mediate an event before it happens.

Because of the importance of anonymity to many concerned reporters, we built SpeakOut.School as an alert response system with no tracking ability. When an issue is reported we do not track any information from the sending user. We simply take what is provided to us in the anonymous report and pass it along to the administrative authority of your school who can handle, or mediate the reported situation.

The SOS alert response system is dependent on YOU, the administrative authorities of your school to handle each situation. It is solely up to each school’s administrative authority to decide whether or not the reported incident is a reportable offense to the local police department.

Due to the nature of the internet and technology being unreliable at times, Speak Out School or (SOS) is not responsible, or liable for the failure of reported incidents getting through to SOS, and is also not responsible, or liable for the SOS system or internet’s failure to generate a report to any of our Member Schools.